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About Susan

Susan is a vibrant emerging artist, who was raised in Massachusetts just north of Boston. She has lived many different places, but still considers herself to be a New Englander at heart. Art was a passion for Susan from a very young age. Her parents noticed this passion and began to cultivate it. Most gifts at Christmas and birthdays were related to art, and her skills as a young artist grew. After high school, Susan attended Drake University where she studied interior design. She married and had 2 sons and art - sadly - became a memory. Later in life after her sons were grown, Susan found a renewed passion for painting. Some of the mediums Susan has worked with are clay, batik, and silk screen. Susan has painted full-time doing commission work for the past few years. In 2019, Susan made the decision to attend the Milan Art Institute Mastery program. Her desire was to find her voice as an artist. Susan is a serious professional artist and has been successful at selling her work.

Susan loves to tell a story with her paintings. She loves color and light. Her heart is for the collector to connect with the stories her art tells. In her process, she enjoys using many mediums - spray paint, ink, acrylics and ALWAYS oil! She is a passionate artist who likes to experiment to keep things fresh. Susan enjoys painting abstract/realism. She loves to wrap the realism in abstract - the abstract is the story.

When asked about her plans for the future, she said she will continue to be a story seeker and a story teller!

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